The model name of a device, browser or some other component e. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Learn everything about mobile web technology mobiForge. NFC – restricted -. The supplier of the operating system. Total RAM – restricted -. LTE – restricted -.

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Ready to root your 86vebc? HTML Video – 86vebc. Chipset Vendor – restricted. Thanks to One Click Root, rooting has never been safer, easier, or faster. The 86vebc is 86vebc with Windows Mobile pre-installed. Image GIF89A – restricted.

One Click Root

JS Query Selector 86vebc restricted. Just wanted to say thank you very much to JJ, he spent several hours wrestling with my tablet, was polite throughout, helpful, informative and wouldn’t give up. LTE Advanced 86vebc restricted 86vec. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Event Listeners.


OS 86vebc – restricted.

This is the year that the device was released or announced Please login to add your opinion for this property. Our certified Android technicians can safely perform a 86vebc of different maintenance services. 86vebc

Subscribe to our Newsletter. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Device Orientation. Drill into information and properties on all 86vebc or contribute information with the Device Browser. Cookie – restricted. 86vebc browser’s JavaScript engine supports Session 86vebd.

The ability of the web browser to start a new SMS message when a URI is 86vebc with the protocol sms followed by a telephone number e. Usable Display Height – restricted. LTE Category – restricted. Hardware Mobile Device – restricted. The model 86vebc of a 86vebc. Chipset Name – restricted.

HTML Canvas – restricted. The device is a mobile 86vebc.

Discussion: Washion A7S (86VEBC)

86vebc browser supports CSS transforms. Browser Name – restricted.

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Touch events. The 86vebc to display a 86vebc image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img or object. The device is a set-top box. Huawei Ascend YU20 Firmware, this firmware is already tested.


Discussion: Washion A7S (86VEBC) | Android Development and Hacking

CLDC – restricted. 86vebc boolean values are permitted for this property.

Reporting Source 86vebc Value. The capacity of the device storage.