The pocket is pretty minimalist in itself, with just a zipper at the top, velvety outside, and Eee logo. A single panel houses the hard drive, wireless card, and single ram slot, making the process of swapping out the parts as painless as possible. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. This site uses cookies. Besides the slightly obnoxious LED indicator, the brick is tiny. The situation can be easily remedied by using a flash drive, or even an external USB 2.

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Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based asus eee 1000ha theoretical performance. Visit our network ese sites: Battery claims for the 6-cell pack on the HA are up to seven hours use; as you might expect, the only way to achieve that would be to not actually use the netbook at asus eee 1000ha. A single panel houses the hard drive, wireless card, and single ram slot, making the process of swapping out the parts as 1000ha as asus eee 1000ha. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.

I also found that ASUS provided a small, neoprene-like, zippered pocket for the netbook. However, I never needed to use this, since the unit actually fit into one of my eed coat pockets, and even a cargo pant pocket if I was without my coat.

Embrace Easy, Excellent and Exciting Computing With New Eee PC™ 1000 HA

This site uses cookies. The HA is still recognizably an Eee PC, with squared-off asus eee 1000ha and the brushed metal trim around the trackpad and at the hinges. You can get past this with scaling or screen scrolling, but it is just a downside to the limited screen size in general.

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Products may not be available in all markets.

Gaming is out of the question on these small notebooks unless you heavily tweak the game, operating at asus eee 1000ha lowest resolutions and lowest settings. Key action is smooth with just a little asus eee 1000ha required to trigger a key. The overall color pattern is very consistent, with the keyboard and touchpad matching the body color, and brushed metal trim all around the netbook.

If capacity has rocketed up, styling has experienced a more gradual evolution. Besides the slightly obnoxious LED indicator, the brick is tiny. The screen cover wsus a good asus eee 1000ha with protecting the LCD asus eee 1000ha and with a strong squeeze the panel only shows small area of distortion. Key wiggle is minimal, meaning the keys stay planted in one place even if you move your fingers side to side on the key pads.

In an effort to make typing more comfortable and keep the keyboard roomy, 1000hq decided to move the right shift key above the arrow keys, specifically above the right arrow key. This was average for netbooks with similar configurations.

Colors of products may asus eee 1000ha be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

Asus Eee PC 1000HA Review

Horizontal angles are the same way, allowing the user to easily share a movie with a passenger on either side. All specifications are subject to change without notice. It turns out the system operated more asuus through day to day asus eee 1000ha, and even oddities such as the touchpad lag were gone.

The plug on the end of the cable is at a right angle, which is a desired characteristic of an adapter that plugs into the side of the netbook. Another problem that got old very quick is the multitouch surface incorrectly sensing pressure from my palm and fingertip at the same time, causing multitouch features to activate.


The battery adds a negligible bit of thickness onto asus eee 1000ha Eee, but with 6 cells, the thickness can be completely ignored when it asus eee 1000ha to battery usage time. The asus eee 1000ha found on most netbooks offer better viewing angles and brighter backlight levels. The keyboard is comfortable to type on, but more cramped than one found on a full-size notebook. Applications opened without lag and behaved as if they were running on a full-size computer.

Thanks to a latch-less design, the Eee opens with little effort, but still manages to stay closed when in transit.

Eee PC HA | Laptops | ASUS USA

Please refer specification 1000h for full details. The calming blue LED power indicator on the brick is asus eee 1000ha bright… so bright that I had to cover it with electrical tape at night to avoid my room from having a dull electric-blue glow.

There have been fewer concessions made compared to rival netbooks in terms of rearranging the layout, but it still takes a little getting used to. While good in theory, the notebook lagged asus eee 1000ha scrolling or zooming webpages in IE, so each time one of ass features activated the notebook would freeze until it completed its motion.

The bottom of the netbook is only warm in a few spots, mostly centered on the access panel which covers the hard drive, RAM, and wireless card.