Msdos came with all the printable helpfiles. Take a good look at the “get games to work” section,most of the questions and problems doesn’t occur on a multibootsystem. Very few games have problem with the above configuration. And last but not least: Although DOS windows in 9x are true dos, it’s generally a bad idea to run DOS games with a load of crap running in the background. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. And a layer really sucks, have you ever tried to work with one?

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EXE using a hex editor. As such, Creative had no control over their sale. My other options are to use 98’s DOS which I don’t like because it can cause problems with sound detection, or set up programs in 98 to boot into DOS which is slow and so defeats the object altogether.

Say no to everything Booting up into 98, then clicking a program shortcut, then waiting for the system to awe46 into DOS is a pain.

Sound Blaster AWE64

The way to do it is to set your main on C: Unfortunately, these additional voices are achieved via software-based processing on the system CPU. You’re not doing it right, then.

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Just pm me your boxadr with enough space for 4×1. Easily fixed by a simple change of two bytes inside the executable CTCM.

Dosbox is a nice program indeed, but doesn’t replace fully plain dos. I don’t believe it can’t be disabled.

They don’t work on all machines properly, they don’t work with ds games properly can lead to crashes and they don’t always provide the same amount of upper memory. Display posts from previous: Always at your service, as long as you remember: Tue May 03, 7: Here’s what I suggest to do with your Config.

Very few games have problem with the above configuration. Some games demand EMS sounds in falcon Select all Found Creative Plug and Play card: Without this motherboard port, the card was incompatible with DOS software. Check out the new design and dozens of new features including online play!

I think you may be onto something and I’ll check it out when I get home. Although the adapters themselves can no longer be ordered, the design and manufacturing files remain available for download for personal, non-commercial use.

Dks happily try it, if you tell me where I can get it with speech and all. A third version that arrived later, was designed around the PCI bus.

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The project was dropped in favor of the Sound Blaster Live! What steps should I take to set it up properly?

Sound Blaster AWE64 – Wikipedia

In response to Creative’s move towards a proprietary memory module, Jeff Briden created an adapter board that plugged into the AWE64 and allowed the user to install normal pin SIMMs.

Duke3D will allow AWE32 in the setup but in-game the music is distorted and the game eventually crashes.

Thanks for the advice on CTCM though. Ask 10 people and you get 10 diff’ answers. Europe by the Danube. Another improvement comes from better on-board circuitry that increases the signal-to-noise ratio and overall signal quality compared to the frequently quite noisy AWE32 and Sound Blaster 16 boards. Maybe that fixes your issue