There is no denying that this laptop can be loud. Keys are flatter and have a little less space in between them, but that is because the keys themselves appear to be slightly larger compared to the previous version of this laptop. Clearly, we see how the T can pull ahead of its brethren here. The layout of the keyboard is just slightly different, and with practice one would probably get used it. Usually a workstation notebook is heavy but even the weight of the W is very low 2,8kg relating to that type of laptop. Probably those who write a lot will recognize that the left and right side of the keyboard does yield a little bit.

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The used materials and the compaq 8510w of the processing of the upper and lower shell are of good quality compared to other notebooks of that type. So the compaq 8510w seems to be blurry especially when a bright desktop background and reduced brightness is used. For example when using 3D benchmarks compaq 8510w, conpaq power consumption explodes, and grows to 76 watt. When viewing the screen up front and center, colors are vibrant and our high definition movie compliments of the BluRay drive is crisp and clear.

Cinebench R10 and Crystalmark Every one likes a different key drop and keystroke. Solution and Diagnostic Data Collection.

One positive compaq 8510w is that a non-reflecting display is built-in. There compas no denying that this laptop can be loud. However, the possibility that the GPU in this compaq 8510w may be upgradeable in the future is enticing.


The layout of compaq 8510w has been changed, and not for the better in my opinion, as several important keys for me were located in odd spots.

Once you get significantly off the compaq 8510w plane, colors and clarity get washed out or too dark. If you need the workstation card though, this laptop must be one on the short list of choices. The maximum temperature of the l ower shell was 42,0 degrees Celsius and was gauged at the spot under area where to put the compaq 8510w heel of hand. Due to the used high power components the expected battery runtime should not be very high.

The double spaced enter button has the same size like those used on desktop keyboards. Additionally, SuperPI is a useful tool to help evaluate how single threaded applications will run in clmpaq dual core environment as it forces the processor compaq 8510w calculate a lot of information but only on one core.

HP Compaq 8510w Review

That will bother only very sensitive persons. Right side view view large compaq 8510w. The hard drive that came with our w is a Seagate RPM GB hard drive which also uses Perpendicular Magnetic Recording to help speed up compaq 8510w rates and overall performance. The battery life is basically unchanged from the last refresh in which HP claims that the laptop will achieve up to 4 hours of life when unplugged.

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HP Compaq 8510w

Above the keyboard also rests a series of media and functionality buttons that many people want one-touch access to. I don’t see my operating system.

The additional battery gets compaq 8510w to the lower compaq 8510w of the W. Choose ‘Refresh’ to update the list.

The upper right spot of the keyboard is the coldest area of the notebook, 27,2 degrees were gauged there. But the display has positive features too. A powerful mobile workstation. You can configure and buy the notebook here.

So there is no lack of power when working with computationally intensive applications. But the advantage of compaq 8510w solution is that the necessary applications, like HP ProtectTools and the Security Manag er, are pre installed on the laptop. The measured contrast ratio is compaq 8510w There is no flex in the keyboard, nor any other area on the keyboard deck.

HP Compaq Mobile Workstation w Specs – CNET

The size of the touchpad is standard and measures 6,8 com;aq 3,8 centimetres. But the used materials and the quality of processing of the case are of good quality. Therefore compaq 8510w W compaq 8510w not the most silent notebook when running full load.