If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. On-board Systems Vehicle Diagnostics 3. Once the scanner is connected to your vehicle, the user friendly menu provides a variety of information in a snap. It is about 3X too big so the tool and cables sort of flop around inside. Create account or Sign in.

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TrueLink Technology assures a fast and accurate diagnostic output. Return to Select Print Data screen. From you post it appears that Actron scanning suite does not see USB connection. Instead of having to recreate a scenario over and over again, you can now playback the timing to scrutinize all the data and make a clear diagnosis.

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scannr PRNDL2 – set parking brake – put gear selector in neutral for manual transmissions – put gear selector in park for automatic transmissions – disconnect release mechanism on the automatic parking brake release for testing and reconnect when testing is completed.

EGR is used only during warm engine cruise conditions. You may contact Actron for help with this issue.

Two or three problems solved and your purchase is paid for. Increase or Decrease Display Contrast. This thread is locked. Posted on Mar 10, Be the first to answer. I have used a professional scan tool Matco that a mechanic friend lent me. Record Data Vehicle Diagnostics scannre.



Safety Precautions Engine compartment contains electrical connections and hot or moving parts. Page 57 Vehicle Diagnostics 2. Page 68 Vehicle Diagnostics 3. By reading the MIL status the scanner gives insight into what might cause your “check engine” light to turn on in the near future. I believe you will need to have proof of purchase in order to have the missing temperature sensor replaced under the warranty for the clock.

Other features include an OBD II code library built right into the tool, an OBD II drive cycle mode, battery power so you can review diagnostic data even when the scanner is disconnected from your vehicle, and a bilingual English, Spanish mode. And although you still have to fix the problem that your scanner detects, this device will deactivate the “check engine” light on your dash so you’ll no longer be distracted while you drive.

Combine this with Internet connectivity and the ability to interface with a PC, and you have a powerful, professional diagnostic scanner in the palm of your hand.

All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest information available from industry sources at the time of publication. Test results do not necessarily indicate a faulty component or system. The CP is simple and easy to use.

A table of contents and glossary are provided to make this manual easy to use. If all you want to do is pull codes or reset them to spare yourself from getting ripped off at the dealer, then there are cheaper products that will do that. Troubleshooting Section 5 – Troubleshooting Displays O2 monitor test. This warranty does not cover any Unit that has been abused, altered, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use.

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This device not only scans your vehicle, it also allows you to freeze-frame live timing and pinpoint your vehicle’s problem.

Something does not work as expected? Using The Scan Tool 2. If you are new to diagnostic scanners, this handy tool connects to your vehicle, scans various parts of your car, truck or SUV, and retrieves a list of diagnostic trouble codes DTCs and code definitions from your vehicle’s computer.

Page 11 Safety Precautions Wcanner of burns. Open the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter. But even if you’re a veteran to scanners and auto repair, you’ll be impressed with the new functionality that Actron has added to the CP