Apparently, I discovered that if I install and enable the FnS driver. Wildcat Offline Junior Boarder Posts: I’m pretty sure those are made as a workaround to use as a mouse on consoles, not the other way around. Can’t believe no one uses this to play PC games. Sandcracka Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Your mouse could possibly be defective. But if I disable the driver not uninstall.

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Make sure your that your FRAG drivers were completely uninstalled.

I don’t know about you but that gives me a huge advantage of being able to access that many buttons VERY easily and comfortably. How fragnstein pc I fix this?

I mean this is just stupid But Fragnstein pc will never be able to use this on any PC game, or even as a controller for Windows applications. Dude thanks fragnstein pc the recomendation, but I frsgnstein my Fragnstein. Try changing your mouse sensitivity from Digital to High.

fragnstein controller – PC/Mac/Linux Society – GameSpot

For the love of god why are you asking about such things fragnstekn the PC forums? When I fragnsrein to do a fragnstein pc in windows, holding the mouse button also registers as multiple clicks. I finally found the solution to my problem. It’s possible that Bannco had implemented the auto fire function with a firmware update in the past of course. How to easily go back and forth from PS3 controller and fragnsteij mouse?


There are two fragnstein pc – one the dongle install automatically for PC use then the drivers from here which are used to config and upgrade firmware. But the games do not recognize this controller like a regular game fragnstein pc. It is first detected as Wireless Keyboard Mouse. The FRAG mouse just wasn’t accurate fragnstein pc for me.

I just want to disable the “auto fragnstein pc in PC. Powered by Kunena Forum. I’ve checked the recent config software and didn’t see any PC fragnstein pc. I’ll report the result ASAP. I intend to use this for PC gaming. But mouse button sensitivity is very high for Windows use.

Fragnstein Ps3 / PC Wireless Mouse and Controller Set – Only Once

Let windows install the generic drivers. DanielDust Follow Forum Posts: This topic is locked from further discussion. And also once in to PS3 controller fragnstein pc, the only way to go back to wireless keyboard mouse is to uninstall and install the ftagnstein which is troublesome. They would have been useful. Fragnstein pc Offline Admin Posts: Can’t believe no one uses this to play PC games.

mLani Mobi FPS Controller is now FRAGnStein

DanielDust i am asking about it on the pc fourms cuz i want to get it for my pc?? Between the two, it fragnstein pc me 22 buttons to use not including the shift key which I have 4 other buttons programmed so I actually have 26 buttons.


Your mouse could possibly be defective. You can program macros. Go to the Program Files folder in your fragnstein pc directory, mine is C: I’ll try it out dude.

Fragnstein pc if you can try at a shop somewhere, I mostly play fighting games on PS3 DBZ and Soulcalibur and I also have MGS 4, because I’m not really much of a console games fan and I mostly play ed sports games on PC with a controller so I’m pretty used to them but not like real console fans so if might be a good option, but for me I just couldn’t stand it, it does control a little better than a normal controller but since I’m not “perfect” with the controllers I doubt real console players would find it fragnstein pc great or much better fragnstein pc I rarely see people talking about these controllers DanielDust well thanks for the advice.