Cocoa Component Tutorial for Mac OS X J2SE 1.4.1 Copyright (c) 2003
Apple Computer. All rights reserved. Version 0.1

Enclosed you will find a sample AWT application which demonstrates how
to integrate an NSView into the AWT component hierarchy. The directory
‘NSMovieSample’ contains a Project Builder project to build this sample
(J2SE 1.4.1 DP9 is required). The directory ‘api’ includes the HTML
documentation for the entire Extended AWT package, included the
CocoaComponent which is relevant to this sample.

See the tutorial’s source files ‘sample.m’ and ‘NSMovieView.java’ as
well as the enclosed documentation for instructions and pointers on how
to integrate your own NSViews into AWT. This particular sample
demonstrates how to play movies, aif files, and mp3s within Java. The
control is editable, so by left-mouse-shift clicking and dragging on the
control you can highlight sections of the media to cut, copy, and paste.
Simply make a selection, right click on the control to get a popup,
select copy, change selections, right click, and select paste to copy
one section to another. Apple technology is a wonderful thing!

To run the enclosed sample, install J2SE 1.4.1 DP, make 1.4.1 your
default as opposed to 1.3.1, build the sample, and then run it.

Have Fun!!!

The Apple Java Team