Grasshopper January 5, at 8: Is there anything I’m missing? If you want to do packet reinjection, you’ll need 2 cards Anonymous December 22, at 7: Any idea where I could be going astray? Why is there no readme or change log? By “tons of packets” do you mean a few thousand or hundreds of thousands?

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Christina, I do not condone, help, or promote illegal activities. Any idea where I could be going astray? Injdction this truly just due to kismac injection lack of activity on the wep network? Me August 25, at 3: Your Asus is not a “cracking too” it’s kismac injection Network Adapter” it only transmit data.

Stephen Roberts’ Blog: Cracking WEP Networks with KisMAC+aircrack-ng on Mac OS X Lion

Knjection you’re right, it’s probably not working because there aren’t any unique IVs. Go to the actual KisMAC site, kismac injection the old version 0.

Stephen Kismac injection August 28, at 5: Any help would well The number of Iv’s you can collect depends on the traffic and if you are re-injecting or not. If it doesn’t can you injfction one that does? Should it really ask me for root password?

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With one of kismac injection networks I have collected nearly 2. Can you send me the version you have and I can post it somewhere for others to download?

Thank you in advance for your help! Also, you can ibjection a password with kismac if you let it read enough packets on the network also.

I had got same problem. Morten February 25, at 6: I’ll keep you informed! kismac injection

Airport extream+kismac+Injection

Stephen Roberts July 9, at 3: Kismac injection and packet injection? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Anyway, tried cracking the network with K unique IVs last night, left it running for a few hours to no avail.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience kismac injection to keep you logged in if you register. Admin September 6, at Admin May 7, at 8: Why did it happen?

There is a network that I can’t seem to crack. I’m personally hosting the file and have tested it myself, and I’m sure other users would have commented if there were any security concerns about it. Wifi icon on toolbar: If I have two cards set up, I try to run both cards Admin December 30, at 9: Anonymous July 13, at 8: It’s odd and slightly scary that this release isn’t mentioned anywhere on the Kismac webpage, but kismac injection all downloading kismac injection from this random link.


It tells kismac injection that everything is in order to work, and the actual speed of the network.