Realistic Job Preview Video Benefits

There are a variety of reasons organization’s produce and incorporate RJP Videos, but the main drivers and benefits for using them are as follows:

  • Provide candidates with more authentic insights and aspects regarding a job position’s specific responsibilities, challenges, expectations and rewards.
  • Enable candidates to “visualize” and experience an organization’s vision, values and culture.
  • Reduce early turnover.
  • Better candidate match with the job by educating and enabling candidates to determine, in their own mind, if there’s a “fit” or not (and then apply for the position or self-select out).
  • Save recruitment time and hiring costs by eliminating candidates earlier on in the talent acquisition process.

Can RJPs really help candidates learn more about the realistic aspects of employment with your organization that ultimately translates to a better matched hires as well as improved retention results? Well, “Empirical research suggests, RJPs… can improve job survival rates ranging from 3–10%. For large organizations in retail or transportation that do mass hiring and experience new hire turnover above 200% in a large population, a 3–10% difference can translate to significant monetary savings. Some experts (e.g., Roth; Martin, 1996) estimate that RJPs screen out between 15% and 36% of applicants.”

There are various stories of how RJPs help recruitment metrics, including a large multi-national retailer who utilized a RJP Video in the Orlando market and reportedly reduced turnover by 79% after implementing the program.

In another story, a realistic job preview program for the Idaho State Police has reportedly reduced their dispatch center turnover by nearly 30%.  Since there are many examples that cite the recruitment and talent performance metrics through RJPs (lower early turnover, better quality candidates, more engaged workers), the real question is:

Are you using this powerful talent acquisition tool as part of your employer branding strategy, and if not, why?

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the basics about what Realistic Job Preview Videos are and why they can benefit talent acquisition results, Part II’s post will get into the nuts and bolts, including: RJP considerations, best practices and the typical stages in the RJP process.  Additional posts will cover frequently asked questions (FAQs) I come across as well as review a variety of different videos.