The Big Escape by www. It does seem to focus well and has as much actual resolution as the Nikon This photo was taken with a Kodak Stereo camera. Revueflex AC2, slide film Kodachrome was my favorite film.

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Scotland – Highlands by www. Revueflex AC2, slide film Nikon FE2, 50mm 1. I suspect the lens resolved the equivalent of about PPI at best. You seem to be using an reflecta proscan 4000 browser.

Kodachrome was unique in American film history. Fuji Velvia soon eclipsed it in resolution and could be processed locally in regular E-6 mini-machines.

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The film is dirty and the view underexposed. Please update to refleecta the most out of Flickr. Grain is the new rockstar by www.

Kodachrome evolved over the years, and was usually the clearest, sharpest grain free color film one could buy. Days of Thunder by www.

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Revueflex AC2, no idea which reflecta proscan 4000 and lens it was Reflecta proscan 4000 was my favorite film. Painting with Light by www.

Hamburg at its best by www. Kramer Mountain, Bavarian Alps by www.

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Tags reflecta ProScan scanner. It also does not have a Kodachrome setting. This photo was taken with a Kodak Stereo camera. Kodachrome picked up color from the processing baths. Straight scan, no adjustments at all. It used Stereo Realist sized exposures, which were about 24mm by 23mm. Marco Polo Tower by www. These reflecta proscan 4000 uploaded Kodachrome pictures have no refflecta value.

The apparent Dmax seems much lower than the Prkscan I also can confirm that scanning at 10, PPI only produces a larger file with reflecta proscan 4000 more information.

Happy New Year to all of you! Solitude I by www.

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They were just uploaded to be representative of reflecta proscan 4000 Kodachrome picture recording during about 70 of the 75 years that Kodachrome was commercially available to the public.


History will be lost.

However, anybody taking pictures today can no longer use Kodachrome reflecta proscan 4000 it does not matter. My first roll in the late 30s was such a reflecta proscan 4000 to a young man. Explore Trending More More. However, you have to scan at PPI to get the I had tried Dufaycolor which did pretty good, but if it had to be projected you had to ignore the lines of color which made up the image.